Facial Programs

Lifting Program

This exclusive anti-ageing program is designed to regenerate the skins surface, improve the circulation and restore muscle tone and definition. The results are similar to botox, but without the injectables!!!

At Serendipity Beauty we use a variety of advanced equipment to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. We will deliver products deep into the dermal tissue plumping the skin with non-surgical procedures.

Part of the program will concentrate on skin rejuvenation, increasing new tissue growth, stimulating collagen, elastin and hylauronic acid production leaving your skin looking radiant, smoother, lifted and more youthful.

Lightening Program

If you are concerned with skin pigmentation then this program is a must. We will focus on treating those uneven darker patches of skin which are difficult to cover up. We will tailor make the treatment depending on the severity of your pigment, maybe using Cryopen, which has fantastic results on pigmentation.

It takes years for pigmentation to become visible, sun damage is present long before you can see it and is therefore difficult to eliminate completely. We can fade it and prevent it from getting worse with a combination of bespoke salon treatments PLUS targeted home care products for you to use regularly as advised.

Intensive Platinum option:


    Six 75 minute treatments


Intensive Gold option:


    Six 60 minute treatments



Would you like your skin to glow, maybe for a special occasion, such as a wedding, prom or graduation or just because you deserve to feel your best all of the time?

Serendipity Beauty have created these bespoke programs using some of the beauty industries best results driven equipment to ensure your skin is always looking fantastic.

To personalise your treatment program a full consultation will be needed to assess your needs and how we can achieve the best results for you and your skin.

If you are ready to commit and get serious about investing in your skin then these intensive programs are for you. You will need to visit Serendipity Beauty regularly for your relaxing treatment and complete your home care routine as advised.

Please remember that the longer your skin has been suffering the longer it will take to recover but by working together we will see the difference in your skin, that you dreamed of.

Depending on your skin issues maintenance treatments will be needed either fortnightly or monthly.

Banishing Breakouts Program

This program is designed for oiler skin types using professional techniques to help control your skins oil production, heal blemishes, prevent further outbreaks and calm your skins appearance.

Scarring is minimised by improving the collagen and elastin production in your skin so that you are left with smoother and clearer skin. Continue the professional results at home with a dedicated home care program suited for oilier and problematic skin.

    Six 45 minute treatments     


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Reducing Redness Program

This program has been created for irritated, sensitive skin types prone to redness. Let your skin be calmed and soothed using a combination of professional salon treatments, rich with ingredients that are gentle enough for a sensitive, reactive skin. Results are prolonged with a regular home care program for you to use.

This program contains eight treatments:

     Two 75 minute plus

     Six 45 minute treatments


Blushing Bride Program

We know you want to look your best on your big day. So, we have created this bespoke program just for you. Using advanced equipment, we can help to get your skin in tip top condition for your big day, so that you look radiant in all your photographs.

After a thorough consultation, we will work together to give you skin that you love. Totally tailored to your needs, the results driven facials along with your unique home care program will make you not only feel amazing on your big day but look glowing, healthy and every bit the bride you imagined you would be.

    Six 60 minute treatments