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I help women, like you, that are overwhelmed, anxious and stressed and are finding personal or career dilemmas are slowly eroding your sense of professional and personal adequacy. Together we develop a clear action plan to work towards goals, which allow change, that makes you feel more empowered, happier and more confident.

Becoming one of Serendipity Stress Solutions clients, also means together we work at a deeper level which can also result in healing relationship issues with partners, children or parents. Some clients have chronic conditions and illnesses that they are struggling to live with. My focus is on your growth and will give the correct tools for you to implement daily, to live your life on your terms and I am here to support you every step of the way.

Life coaching is a process of self discovery and empowerment that helps you produce positive results in whatever challenge you are currently facing. It helps you to clarify who you are, what you want and to find a path that resonates with what you are truly passionate about. I can support you in getting from where you are now to where you want to be. I am passionate about helping other people who, like you, don’t want to use any more time or energy on things that aren’t right for them. Life is too short!

At Serendipity Stress Solutions we offer a completely personalised coaching service with flexibility. Often priorities shift as coaching progresses and we work together to pursue this.

Please book your free discovery call so that we can discuss how we can move forward together. The sessions will include me emailing you your “steps to success” and will usually be taken over a three month period. You can book your free discovery call on line or contact me directly, email: tracy@serendipity-beauty.com or call me on 07855 238 997.

It is time to make the most important investment, in you?

Teen coaching

I am finding more and more teenagers are struggling with stress and anxiety, so at Serendipity Stress Solutions I work by giving young people the tools that are bespoke to their needs at a particular time of their lives. They are able to make changes to regain a positive attitude and move forward in their lives with more self confidence and are capable to achieve their best.


Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a powerful alternative therapy that allows your mind and body to heal. It is highly effective in dealing with:









Relationships and



During an EFT session we tap using our fingertips on the meridian points of the body, this has an effect on the brain and releases emotional blockages and allows our bodies to heal physically. EFT uses the same principles as acupuncture but is a non-invasive treatment.

EFT has been known to remove mental blockages around self worth and even stopping repeated self sabotaging habits leaving you happier, calmer and ready to take on new challenges successfully.


1 x 60 minute plus       4 x 45 minute sessions


3 x 45 minute sessions



60 minute session


About Me

I am Tracy Munro and I have worked in the Health, Wellness and Beauty industry for over 30 years and I have often been told that people feel a lot better and able to focus and solve outstanding issues after talking to me. During my life I have experienced debilitating illness, migraines, grief and divorce and have learnt many tools on how to cope and overcome the most challenging of times, which I now teach my clients. I am a grand-daughter, daughter, wife, mum and nanny.